Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die (#manchesterGari)

I’ve just caught myself bopping out euphorically at my desk to Morrissey – totally for the very first time, and despite me having been a born and bred Mancunian for going on 9,736 days! Get me, my son!! ^_^ (normally, I rather like his stuff, but it’s just a bit too depressing for me to […]

YIKES – I think I may like Morrissey…!

Crikey, I suddenly feel very old, and very very northern! … but wait, is that a “Why?” that I hear you cry in sincere *cough* disbelief…?! 😉 I have just realised that I actually really like not one, not two, but THREE Morrissey/Smiths songs! Up until now, I only liked two, but it’s just been […]