A layman’s thoughts on the current UK economy

I’m going to do something that I don’t normally do, and write a quasi-serious opinion based piece. Do bear with me dear reader, it’s been a while! This morning, I saw a news story reporting that East London Buses staff have gone on strike because they’ve been given a pay freeze. Erm, hello, RECESSION?! (and […]

Zavvi Goes Into Administration.

So, Zavvi have also gone to the administrators : BBC NEWS For FAQ’s regarding the administration, including what to do if you have Gift Vouchers (you can no longer redeem them for goods or services) or wish to return/exchange items going forward – CLICK HERE for the administration notice on Zavvi’s website. What does putting a company into “administration” […]

“That will be £5 exactly please”

… is what the check-out guy at Sainsbury’s said to me a few hours ago. No story really, although hitting a note dead on seems to happen quite a lot with me in there (and no, it’s not due to me buying ingredients for any of Jamie’s meals for a Fiver!). Fin x