Cyborg technology soon to take over?!

As a huge class-A geek, I absolutely love the idea of Augmented Reality (AR) – I think it could have so many uses in real-life, and so I look forward to following the success of these kind of products further. Click the ‘source’ link to see several videos of AR in action and to get […]

Nokia N96

I just came across the below review on MSN. It sounds to me that the Nokia N96 is pure perfection. It irons out the few niggles that I have with the N95 and can carry up to 24GB of storage (16GB on board) – now that’s just showing off! Alas, my contract is not up […]

See; Science & Technology can be cool!

I just came across this article on the BBC News website and, although geeky, I must say, it did excite me somewhat! The whereabouts of more than 100,000 mobile phone users have been tracked in an attempt to build a comprehensive picture of human movements. The study concludes that humans are creatures of habit, mostly visiting […]