Doctor Who – Series 6 – Brand New Trailer!!!

OMFG!  OMFG!  O-M-F-G!!!! 😀 Just when I thought that I was soooooo ‘over’ new Doctor Who, they go and release a brand new trailer that actually makes it look pretty fucking EPIC!!!! ^_^   Without doubt, my favourite bit is: “Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Timelords” “Fear ME. I’ve killed all of them!” Actually […]

Doctor Who – 2010 Preview

The BBC have released a preview montage of what we can expect in 2010 from new Doctor, Matt Smith: Very exciting, I am especially fearful of the return of the Weeping Angels! Unsure about Smith’s Doctor still, but I have learnt that the best thing to do is to give people a few episodes before […]

First picture of Matt Smith as The Doctor

In my opinion, great to see a bit of a personality shining through and not just the surly publicity stills that have been churned out of Matt Smith. I’m warming to him a lot on the basis of this one photo… weird! Full guff below: Via BBC / Lizo Mzimba : Doctor Who fans have […]