Life Update: 23rd August 2010

I figured that it was time for a bit of a personal update to my blog, as the last time I posted about life in general, it was at one of those times where everything was manic and ‘exciting’, though really we all know life is a little more mundane for the other 360-odd days […]

Manchester (10th & 11th August 2010)

I’m just back from a trip back home to Manchester and, once again, I’m struck by just how much I love my home city! This feeling was made even more apparent to me as the main purpose of the trip was to show Joseph just how fantastic good ol’ Manchester is. Joe told me whilst […]

FlashMob: Joseph (Las Vegas)

Regular visitors will know that I am a huge fan of musical theatre and of dancing that’s blocked-out (and thus am drawn to FlashMobs like a moth to a flame) – so you can imagine my glee when I saw that there’d been one done to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I have to […]