REVIEW: tick tick… BOOM!

I’m just back from the Union Theatre’s new production of tick tick… BOOM! and I have to say, I am buzzing somewhat. The basic premise of the show is that Jon is an aspiring musical theatre composer who is getting nowhere fast, feeling a little trapped by the mundane machine of life and who suddenly […]

Jonathan Larson: ‘Love Heals’

I have just been reminded of little played/’rare’ Jonathan Larson song, ‘Love Heals’, written as an independent ‘stand-alone’ song, and included as a bonus track on the soundtrack of the recent 2005 Chris Columbus movie-musical adaptation. (Song performed by ‘Teen Troupe’ – there were no embeddable versions of the RENT version, rare as it is! […]

No Day But Today – Rent, The Musical

So, the other day I had Mr Greg over and we sat down and watched the movie adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s musical Rent; itself frequently billed as a bohemian New York rock opera.   I am a huge fan of this musical and have not only seen the DVD countless times, but I have been […]