US Supreme Court allows anti-gay funeral protests

It’s not very often that I resort to a more serious style of blogging on these pages, however, the news last night that the US Supreme Court had failed to step in and act against the god-awful Westboro Baptist Church and their disgusting picketing of the funerals of US service men thoroughly shocked and appalled […]

Kiss-in against homophobia – Paris

Yesterday, I posted clips of a few rather fabulous flash mobs (one from Bondi Beach, t’other from Belgium). Well, today I’ve had the below highlighted to me, and as a gay lad, I felt that I just had to share it. Staged at Paris’ ‘Les  Halles’ shopping centre, I think it’s great that folk are […]

No To Hate!

I just wanted to give mention to the No To Hate vigil that happened in Trafalgar Square, London on 30th October 2009. Unfortunately, I had to get home on Friday evening, though as I was late home from work, I only missed this by about an hour (I often pass through Trafalgar Square). On reflection, […]

Manchester Pride 2009 says ‘Fuck You’ to homophobia

Yes… I think that this is the third different version of people miming along to ‘Fuck You’ by Lily Allen that I have posted now, however without doubt, this one is the best! Alas, I don’t think any of my friends were in a rush to get to the main stage to join in for […]