Time for a bit of a rant I’m afraid. Normally on these pages, I’m fairly reserved/excited about shiny stuff, however only 6 days in from the start of the implementation of the UK spending cuts, I have already been hit squarely in the face with one of the ConDem’s cuts, and I am absolutely livid […]

Snowy Britain from Space!

There’s currently an image going around the internet of Great Britain from space in the current snowy climate (taken by NASA’s Terra satellite), which I think we all agree is rather spectacular! It made me giggle a little to see that Eire is without snow… much in the way that the BBC weather forecasters give […]

A layman’s thoughts on the current UK economy

I’m going to do something that I don’t normally do, and write a quasi-serious opinion based piece. Do bear with me dear reader, it’s been a while! This morning, I saw a news story reporting that East London Buses staff have gone on strike because they’ve been given a pay freeze. Erm, hello, RECESSION?! (and […]