#TrafalgarSun – I got a mention on the Londonist – wh00t!

My twitter account was [very briefly] quoted on the Londonist website earlier owing to my contribution to #TrafalgarSun – whoot! 😛 ha! Yes, yes, it is only a fleeting mention, however the Londonist is an awesome site, and it’s great to get a mention, no matter how small! Ha! Whilst I quite like my pictures, […]

Gari’s Discs

For those who were fans of the discs (which have finally left my blog after 4 years and a lot of people protesting to save them, ha!) – you’ll be pleased to hear that on Christmas Day 2011, I went out and took an updated picture of them. Apologies for Max’s grainy camera work, and […]

High praise indeed! ^_^

I’ve just received a rather nice comment regarding a post on my blog from Ed Balls MP, the current Shadow Chancellor, which I thought I’d share in rare moment of vanity heh! 😀 @DarkAeon – It was prompted by your excellent Wicked review on your blog… — Ed Balls (@edballs) June 2, 2011 All very […]

Wooo! – 400,000

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This morning, this blog managed to hit the big four-oh (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) by the most conservative of my website visits statistics, which has made me feel rather chuft and accomplished on what, workwise, is proving to be a rather frustratingly unproductive day. As I always say whenever I post a mile-stone, thank YOU very much […]

300K :-D

We made it! 😀 For anyone still a little baffled by this post, this evening we have easily smashed through the most conservative of numbers from of my range of blog statistics – meaning that this now puts the total visits to pages on http://garidavies.me.uk at well over 300,000! Thank you SO much to all […]