REVIEW: Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

It started off so well… I’d been looking forward to this movie since the day it was first announced, and kept a positive and open mind during its turbulent journey to the silver screen. At 10:40 yesterday morning (first day of general release in the UK), I took my seat, ready to watch and figuring […]

Google Doodle – Happy 65th Freddie!

I think that most people on the planet probably know that I am a huge Queen / Freddie fan! (they’re both very separate things, incidentally :P) – I certainly shout out about it often enough hehe! I LOVE the epic and geeky Google Doodle that has been put together to celebrate what would have been […]

Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (Remastered)

In celebration of the anniversary of 40 years of the awesome and iconic rock band, ‘Queen’ (my personal favourites!!), their new record label, Island Records, have decided to remaster all of the old albums and re-release them throughout the year. A remastered ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ came onto Spotify today and, whilst you can never beat […]

Queen – Love of My Life

My absolute most favourite song, ever! Only now making an appearance on my blog as someone asked me to name my favourite song through my formspring account and I realised that I’d failed to document this – boo me!