Dolly Parton: Together You And I

New Dolly Parton single posted as below – not quite up to her usual standard, in my opinion, but still a jolly lovely upbeat little song that had me bopping along! 😀

Review: Gnomeo and Juliet [2011]

Despite being a 25-year-old chap, I have absolutely no reservations in saying right off the bat that I was VERY excited about going to see Gnomeo and Juliet! I’d been looking forward to it for months, I am also a massive Elton John fan, gnomes played a nice role in my childhood – my Nana’s […]

The Tony Awards 2009

So, the Tony Awards are happening over at the world-renowned Radio City Music Hall in New York tonight, and I have to say, the build-up this year seems to have been huge! All of the information regarding the broadcast, along with very good quality clips from the nominated musicals/plays and all of the nomination details, […]

Dolly Parton – House Of The Rising Sun

This evening, I was randomly clicking through YouTube and ended up wading deep into some Dolly Parton clips. Her version / performance on the clip below (The House Of The Rising Sun) is awesome!!! How 80’s-Dolly-tastic! Just wanted to share! 😛