300K :-D

We made it! 😀 For anyone still a little baffled by this post, this evening we have easily smashed through the most conservative of numbers from of my range of blog statistics – meaning that this now puts the total visits to pages on http://garidavies.me.uk at well over 300,000! Thank you SO much to all […]

Early Gari

I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic recently for reasons unknown, and thought that as my friendship circle has taken another expansive turn for the better, that I’d share some of my history with folk and whatnot. These are old pictures that I’ve stumbled across recently that I thought that I’d like to share 🙂 I say […]

A personal update – April 2010

Figured that I’d go with a bit of a personal update to my blog, as it’s been a while since I’ve done one. Recently, life has been hurtling by at an absolutely manic place, and at the moment I feel thoroughly exhausted and a little depressed. Not the best of ways to be. Work wise, […]


I am very pleased to report that this blog saw its 250,000th visitor last night! 😀 Ever the chap working in accounting (so forecasts and ‘budgets’ come naturally), it happened pretty much exactly when I thought it would, 23:45 on Friday night – a nice bit of excitement for a quiet Friday night in, and […]


I’ve had a formspring account for a while (a good couple of months now), but didn’t really bother checking it out all that much, mainly as I got really sick of people spamming their twitter feeds with inane questions and responses, or begging desperately for additional questions. However, as it appears that you can do […]