Dinosaurs FTW!

Pals, work colleagues and regular readers will know that when I’m idle, I love a good doodle – even though I’m not in any way good at doing it 😛 Last night I decided to upgrade from my usual scribble pad – my employer’s whiteboard – to Karl’s iPad (whilst he doodled me a picture […]

All I want for Christmas is yoooooooou!

Cor Blimey! I think that I’ve just seen what I’d like for Christmas this year – so cute!!!! BBC NEWS | UK | Zoo celebrates new pygmy hippo – BBC have video footage via this link as well as the usual full story. Marwell Zoo are asking people to vote for their favourite name – […]

ZOMG! I want, I want, I want!!

Mud phobia pig gets its own boots A piglet scared of wallowing in mud has overcome its fears with the help of some Wellington boots. Six-week-old Cinders appears to suffer from mysophobia, a fear of dirt, after refusing to join her siblings as they splashed around in the mud.