Dallas (TNT) – Preview trailer!

Am SO excited for this, especially having seen the trailer – Jesse Metcalfe FTW!!!! hehe! All together now…. DOOOOOOOO, DOOOOO, DOOO, DOO, DO, DOOOO, DOO, DOOOOOOOO 😉

The Born In The Seventies Show

Through the ever-wonderful medium of twitter, I have come across a new YouTube TV show – The Born In The Seventies Show. Episodes one and two are as below, with episode three (containing more Knightmare fun) being released on Friday 9th April 2010. I should probably declare that I was in fact born in the […]

Ugly Betty – CANCELLED!

Oi, Betty, NOOOOOOOOO! 😦 Sad times! It’s not often that I buy a DVD box set of a TV show, however Ugly Betty was the first TV series that prompted me to do this, and I am absolutely gutted that it’s been cancelled as, for me, it was one of the best TV shows there’s […]