Betty White: Snickers ad

OK, OK, OK, so I’m not one for posting advertising gimmicks normally…. well…OK I am, but they have to have a good hook and really stand out… so with that in mind… I absolutely love this Betty White snickers advert! The ad had it’s preview during the Super Bowl last night. I watched the first […]

Recent shennanigans in the realm of DarkAeon

Rar, So I figured that it was about time for another personal update to my blog; I never seem to find time to be able to do these sort of posts any more. That said, not all that much has happened if I’m honest (well, nothing interesting enough to blog about!). My employers have decided […]

Cadbury’s Eyebrow Dance

Just came across this advert for Cadbury’s Daily Milk… I wasn’t really a fan of the gorilla advert to be honest.. it seemed a little… well rubbish and overblown! Whilst I still think that this new ad is also a little bit too extravagant for a bar of chocolate, I absolutely love it!