Big Brother 11 – Trailer

I know I said this during the last CBB, but then came to my senses and didn’t, but I reckon that I’ll give BB11 a whirl for its last outing this year. LOVING the trailer that they’ve put out for it! If there’s one thing the BB team always do well, it’s visuals/trails.

Weeeeeellll – you know you make me want to SHOUT!

The other evening, I had half an eye on Celebrity Big Brother whilst we were making our tea, and happened to notice an ‘exclusive’ advert broadcast on Channel 4 during the eviction show: I absolutely love this advert!! Well done T-Mobile! I know some people are moaning that this is somewhat contrived, and that around […]

Ben Adams

* NB – for a copy of the May 2009 Attitude Cover, click HERE * ******************************************************************************************************************************** I don’t really watch Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother… however Ben Adams to win!! 😛 Now, if only we could get the other three yummy A1 boys back into popular media too…!! hehe! The photo below was from […]