Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends, and readers of this blog! Last night, we had an awesome roast dinner (thanks Max!) and then went outside to watch the London Fireworks (I am very lucky to live within direct sight / only around a mile away from the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye). […]


I am very pleased to report that this blog saw its 250,000th visitor last night! 😀 Ever the chap working in accounting (so forecasts and ‘budgets’ come naturally), it happened pretty much exactly when I thought it would, 23:45 on Friday night – a nice bit of excitement for a quiet Friday night in, and […]

New Years Eve 2009

I just wanted to make a quick note of the awesome night that I had in Hitchin, Herts on NYE (2009) / NYD (2010). I was invited, along with a few good friends, out to North Hertfordshire and, I have to say, I’d rank it as one of the best New Years that I’ve ever […]

Build Up to New Years Eve 2009

So another year has been and gone, and already it feels dated to be writing ‘2009’ but not quite right to be writing ‘2010’. We’re entering a decade which, as of yet, has no formal name/coloquailism for it, but which promises to be a very exciting one in many areas, especially technology. At the last […]