Because we’re over Gaga, Beyonce AND Britney – Blogs – GayTimes

Just caught this genius clip on the Gay Times blog and wanted to share it with ya’ll – had me rolling around laughing hehe! Because we’re over Gaga, Beyonce AND Britney – Blogs – GayTimes. Because we’re over Gaga, Beyonce AND Britney Lets watch a parody of all of them together. Drag queens, Grindr and […]

GLEE – Telephone

It would seem that have uploaded the GLEE version of Lady Gaga / Beyonce’s smash hit, Telephone, which features as one of the numbers in the Season 2 premiere episode (airing in America on Tuesday 1st October 2010). EXCITED 😀

Priscilla – Single Ladies

Below is a YouTube of the London Cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, parodying Beyoncé with their version of  Single Ladies (version is Liza Minelli, from SATC2). This was aired as part of the pre-show to the 2010 Tony Awards, which Beyoncé also attended! Fabulous darhlings!

Who said hippies don’t like Beyoncé?

LOVE this  2009 YouTube of Gavin Creel and Will Swenson backstage at HAIR on Broadway giving it a bit of Beyoncé! Will makes me laugh so much, and the sight of Gavin in his pants is exactly what I’ve been longing to see for yonks!!! 😀 (can die happy now heh) From what I’ve seen […]