Cassette Boy vs Dragons’ Den

As much as I loved the Cassette Boy vs The Apprentice (The Bloody Apprentice), I have to say, I absolutely ADORE Cassette Boy vs Dragons’ Den! (Dragons’ Dirty Den). Such smut – marvellous!! Far too many awesome quotes to single any one of them out as being ‘brilliant’ 😀 The recession may have stopped the […]

The Bloody Apprentice

I was browsing Thingbox earlier and came across this hilarious video skit of The Apprentice that had been posted on the forums: I have not laughed so much in ages! Hurrah to ‘Casetteboy’ for such a great clip.  Their WordPress blog can be found here – (and there is also a post on his […]

The Celebrity Apprentice (USA; 2009) – Final

*SPOILERS!* HURRAH! Just a quick note on my part to say that I thought that the correct person won! I predicted that it would be Joan Rivers right from show one, and am very pleased to see that she was able to go all the way with this and win so much money for her […]