30 Day Song Challenge 2011: Day Four

Songs that make you sad:   Queen’s Love of My Life – an absolutely fckn beautiful song (especially when performed live) that always makes me a bit weepy – in my mind,  one of the finest songs ever written! “Love of My Life” is a ballad from the album A Night at the Opera by […]

30 Day Song Challenge 2011: Day Three

Today’s song is a song that makes you happy, and at the moment that song for me is Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire. Such an anthemic track with a feel good vibe to it, it’s impossible not to start bouncing along to it! ^_^ Really hate that Fifa 11 have hijacked this song, leading […]

30 Day Song Challenge: Day Two (Least Favourite)

So, we’re on Day Two already, and the current internet ‘phenomenon’ is Rebecca Black, a teenager from the US who has written a song called ‘Friday’, recognised worldwide as being so awfully bad that we’ve started bombing Libya in an effort to make noises loud enough to drown that god-awful song out of our heads! […]

30 Day Song Challenge: Day One

Bit late to the 30 day song party as initially wasn’t going to do it, but recently changed my mind hehe! ^_^ Music is a huge part of my life, and I rarely go anywhere without something providing the soundtrack to my life as it were. Therefore, on reflection, rather than being a crazy internet […]