I have a gigantic…

… CD collection! 😛

Prior to the move, I have decided that I need to get rid of most of my CDs in order to free up dead space, and am currently engaged on a mammoth project to try to rip them all to my iMac’s hard drive (I am doing it at the highest possible quality to rip an .mp3 to – we’re talking 50MB a file – so I am also trying to future-proof this massive collection). Thus far, it has taken about 10 hours, and I am around a third of the way through.

Whilst I am keeping anything that relates to musical theatre, or anything with sentimental value, there is an awful lot that I am getting rid of, as I am something of a music buff (music is genuinely one of the most important things in the world to me, and I strongly believe that the concept of ‘music’ is Man’s best creation!). I will probably, and with a heavy heart, chuck my CDs out at the end of next week (around Jan 7), however, if anyone that I know wants to come round one evening and poke through my collection and salvage anything that they want, then you’d be more than welcome to let me know and we can see what we can arrange.

Going through my music collection, there are so many fantastic songs, albums and memories – I have the usual albums, and then quite a lot of singles, and a lot of promo CDs from promoters and radio stations, some of which didn’t even get commercial radio play – so it really is a treasure trove! I can remember back in 1996 getting my first CD and CD player for my birthday and it was a fascination that has stuck ever since.

It’s also something of a time-vortex, as all of the singles and albums are FILLED with inserts begging you to get your WAP (ha!) phone out and download a picture of the star by texting a number, or, worse, to receive a monophonic / polyphonic ringtone – HA!

Liberty X even had their own hotline!! 😮


It truly is amazing to think of how far the music industry has come in the last five or six years, and how much more sophisticated both the market and the technology has since become. Never mind the switch from records to tape, or cassette to CD, I would say the shift for survival between early CDs and the CDs we get today has been the most noticeable change in music provision in recent history, and shows just how much technology has exploded in the last few years.

What is scary is that once this is all done, I will have around 50 continuous days worth of music on my iMac (around 1200 hours), and with my Spotify subscription and massive playlists that I manage, that becomes simply limitless! All that I can say is that it’s a good thing that I have eclectic tastes!

Now, where did I put that Vengaboys album…?! 😛

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

3 Responses

  1. Do you subscribe to iTunes Match? You could rip your files at the lowest bitrate, sync with Match, delete the files locally and they’re available on Match at 256Kbps. Which is really the highest you need it to be – any higher is not audible to you.


  2. Hadi

    Oh it’s a bold step to take, throwing ur physical CDs! Today, I’m off and decided to take similar step at my unread books and old VHS! It wasn’t that difficult w books since I bought them when I was on certain mood and their mpments gone the moment they took their place on shelves.
    VHS though was little more difficult since they have some memories, some recorded from MTV more than 10 yrs ago, shows, movies recorded by my bros and each one reminds me of certain day. Took the step when I thought thr when I move I’d throw them in a second and if they were that important my bros would have taken them.
    I think I’m gonna do the same to ooooooold tapes and magazines.
    At some time we should move on and let things stay at the past, enough nostalgia. Sure gonna miss the Oscar ceremonies, MTV award shows but let’s face it, the VCR has been off for years now.
    Music collection? God bless MP3s 🙂 and the actual CDs r not more than 100 🙂


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