“MUSICAL”: The Online Musical

So, I was recently contacted via my Facebook account by the people behind, ‘MUSICAL’: The Online Musical and asked if I would consider reviewing it for my website.

New media always excites me, and whilst I enjoy being squashed up against a snoring critic in a small theatre somewhere in the middle of Soho, I also enjoy being snuggled up on my sofa with a G&T, my computer and some show tunes. I don’t have a traditional approach to ‘reviewing’ and so it’ll probably come as no surprise that I was quick to jump on board with this (and especially as they flattered me quite a lot heh!).

To give you some idea of the concept, here’s the trailer and some associated blurb:

Musical: The Online Musical
A New Interactive Musical Theater Production
“Get ready to have your life turned into a musical….indirectly”

Imagine a system of tubes connecting MILLIONS OF PEOPLE simultaneously to one massive global network. Some call it the Internet, we call it our stage.

Musical: The Online Musical is the first-ever interactive musical. We invite you, Internet Consumer X, to contribute at every level. The show itself is about a dude whose entire life IS a musical! But no one realizes this (except for him) and no one understands this (even when he tells them). When he accidentally causes the death of the main character, the town plunges into economic ruin. A villain takes over. He has a crippling foot fetish. Naturally, all this leads to conflict.

We will record 10-minute episodes every week and debut them on Mondays at 8pm starting September 13th. These episodes will be, in large part, dictated by your input. We will collect and use this information via ‘Feedback Form’ technology.

Also, this is from the email I received:

We’re a group of about 40 students from the University of Virginia who are writing, composing, performing, and producing a 12-part interactive musical where the viewer determines what happens next. Every Saturday for 12 weeks we come together to record that week’s 10 minute-long segment, which is premiered on Youtube that Monday. Viewers respond via Youtube video responses, emails, mp3s, or comments on our website that Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday we start writing next week’s segment. Essentially what we’re trying to do is create a musical that is completely organic and grows each week based on what our viewers want to see happen.

Sounds like a bit of  giggle, right? And I love that the audience will be able to interact with this – it all sounds very much like The Truman Show meets Doctor Horrible!

Of course, this isn’t new new, and similar things have been done before (and I’m not even going to mention that hideous ‘Such Tweet Sorrow’ Shakespeare thing!), however this does excite me quite a lot and I’ll certainly be following this over the next 3 months to see how it all pans out. I would be very much interested to see if anyone else is doing the same and to get their thoughts on it.

For more information, please visit their official website, or their YouTube channel and subscribe to get new episodes downloaded each week…. speaking of which, the first episode is released in just a few hours! 😀


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