So You Think You Can Dance?

Once again January is upon us, leaving the huge void in the TV schedule that the BBC always feels is appropriate to stuff with some kind of cheap talent show (Fame Academy, and other ‘one-off’ talent/singing series, I am referring to you).

This year, however, they’ve taken a different route and commissioned a series of ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ – an already successful format over in the US, and one which is different to other competitions on air at the moment (well, apart from BBC Three’s hideous attempt at creating a similar show; “Move Like Michael Jackson”).

Speaking of which, one of the dancers in So You Think You Can Dance, Mark Calape, was in the winning dance group from the Move Like Michael Jackson show… so clearly winning that wasn’t a big enough prize, and ultimately proof of the failure of that ‘homegrown’ show.

Greg and I watched the auditions last week, and we rather enjoyed the show. I am pleased that they’ve managed to find the right platform for Arlene Phillips (after all, she is a world class choreographer, and arguably is more suited to this show than Strictly), and I can just about tolerate the ever changing judges panel and the mind-numbingly annoying Cat Deeley.

Something about the title of the show also seems grammatically incorrect, should there not be a comma after the ‘So’? When I read the title, I’m inclined to pause momentarily after saying that. I’m probably wrong, we don’t really do grammar much “oop norf”… 😛

I have my favourite, mainly for his dancing ability, but also as as I think he’s rather fit (though I am unsure why I think this), his connections with the world of Musical Theatre, and because he’s from my hometown of Manchester haha!

It transpires that he was born on the same month/year as my little sister,which makes me feel strange when I say he’s quite hawt heh!

Robbie White

Age:  22

From:  Manchester & Stuttgart
Style:  Contemporary

Multi-talented, a fantastic musician and web designer in his spare time.

Born in August 1987, Robbie grew up in the village of Marple near Stockport. A hyperactive child, Robbie’s parents chose to channel his ebullient energy by sending him to dance, gym and music lessons.

As a child he was a member of the Northern Ballet Theatre Association where he played the role of a young Heathcliff in David Nixon’s Wuthering Heights. He then went on to teach this role to other boys as he got older.

During this time, he worked with Les Miserables composer Claude-Michel Schonberg, who encouraged him to follow a career in musical theatre rather than just limit himself to ballet, as Claude-Michel thought Robbie was a great all-rounder.

After his AS levels, he went to Laine Theatre Arts and studied a diploma in musical theatre. Following his training he worked as a dancer at Tokyo Disneyland which was followed by a role in his favourite musical, We Will Rock You, in Germany. He is currently playing the role of Daniel Küblböck.

Visit Robbie’s Facebook Fan Page.

Visit Robbie’s YouTube Channel.

Follow the official BBC SYTYCD twitter feed.

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