Merlin / Robin Hood

Colin Morgan as Merlin
Colin Morgan as Merlin

UPDATE : This starts tonight (Saturday 20th September 2008) at 19:30 on BBC One!

BBC One seem to have commissioned a new drama in place of Robin Hood for this autumn – Merlin.

The Official Website is also well worth a look.

I must say, I am rather intrigued and excited about this, as the BBC tends to do drama for the autumnal Saturday peak slot rather well!

Bradley James as Arthur
Bradley James as Arthur



With Last Choir Standing finishing last week, I would speculate that it could be airing as soon as this week perhaps – although I’ve yet to see a confirmed date. Scheduled for a Saturday evening, I would presume that Strictly Come Dancing would start around the 6pm slot and this will go on about 7pm as per how they schedule Doctor Who / Robin Hood. As soon as I find the confirmed transmission date, I’ll update this page 🙂

UPDATE : This starts tonight (Saturday 20th September 2008) at 19:30 on BBC One!

With Merlin having an all-star cast with a few promising new additions to boot, I think that this could easily become compelling viewing and, if as good as it’s contemporaries, be well worth the license fee alone!

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood
Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood

I hear that Robin Hood, which is normally on at this time of year. will be coming back for a third series in 2009 (though I am not sure how well that bodes for a possible second series of Merlin), although with Jonas Armstrong (Robin) leaving Robin Hood at the end of the third series, I don’t think that Robin Hood will be able to continue past the forthcoming series.

Below is the press release for the show.

A new fantasy drama for BBC 1

Merlin is a thrilling fantasy drama set to enchant family audiences in a brand new 13-part series on BBC One this September.

Every Saturday night audiences are destined to experience a series of magical adventures, as they follow the unlikely friendship of a would-be wizard (Merlin) and the future King (Prince Arthur).

The drama brings together a cast of acclaimed British actors (Richard Wilson as Gaius, Anthony Head as King Uther Pendragon) as well as exciting new faces.

Colin Morgan is the young wizard Merlin, Bradley James is the arrogant but brave Prince Arthur, rising star Angel Coulby is Guinevere and newcomer Katie McGrath is Morgana.

Multi-award-winning actor John Hurt has just been cast as the Voice of the Great Dragon. Enigmatic and powerful, he alone knows Merlin’s true destiny.

Julie Gardner, Head of Drama, BBC Wales, says: “In this new version, Merlin and Arthur are young contemporaries for the first time ever, bringing a much-loved tale to a whole new generation with a fresh, youthful new look and approach for Saturday nights this autumn on BBC One.

“I am thrilled to announce John Hurt has just been cast as the voice of the Great Dragon. He is Merlin’s mythological mentor and the only dragon left with magic powers.

“It is an absolute privilege to be working with him, as he brings real gravity to the series, alongside a strong core cast and brilliant guests.”

He will be joined by Heroes star Santiago Cabrera as Lancelot and Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan as the wicked sorceress Nimueh.

Further guest stars include Eve Myles (Torchwood, Doctor Who) as Mary Collins (episode one), Will Mellor (Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps) as Valiant (episode two) and Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing) as Edwin Muirden (episode five).

The eagerly anticipated series begins long before Arthur becomes King.

Arthur’s father is Uther Pendragon, the tyrannical King of Camelot who has outlawed magic in the mythical city.

Gaius is the court physician who takes Merlin under his wing and helps guide him with his magical powers.

It’s a rites of passage story which sees Merlin and Arthur on the cusp of adulthood – both on their journey to greatness in a time before history began.

Merlin is created and produced by Shine Television – the International Emmy Award-winning production team behind Hex and Sugar Rush – Julian Murphy, Johnny Capps, Jake Michie and Julian Jones.

Johnny Capps, Shine Television, says: “It’s a privilege to be given the opportunity to reinvent a classic British legend for this important family slot.

“We have a wonderful cast and fantastic locations, which we hope will bring alive the magic and myth of Camelot for a new audience.”

Merlin is being filmed in Wales and France for transmission on BBC One in September.

Spectacular CGI effects are being created by The Mill, the Oscar-winning visual and special effects team behind Gladiator and Doctor Who.

BBC Executive Producers are Julie Gardner for BBC One and Bethan Jones for BBC Wales.

Merlin was commissioned by Jane Tranter, Controller, BBC Fiction.

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  1. Jed

    Finally something substantial to read about Colin Morgan. After browsing many of the UK’s mainstream sites, your blog has the most updated info about this amazing young actor.



  2. Jed

    Thanks for visiting. Is there any way I can contact you? Your blog really fascinates me, and wanted to invite you over @tMF to perhaps provide on the best of the UK’s talent scene?


  3. CatSnads

    I’m looking for something similar to robin hood and merlin, but i can’t deem to find anything. was there anything before robin hood about his time?


  4. I love the show! It’s so addictive even though when I first saw a trailor for it I thought it looked rubbish,

    But come on, with Bradley James to look at, it was always going to be good



  5. Squidge

    i like that you have pictures but can you PLEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSE get some more pictures of arthor pendragon? PLEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSE? he is sooooooooo h. o. t. HOT!!!


  6. naomi wilson

    heyyah sexy you are the fittest actor in the world i wouldnt say no n i want to kiss your lovely lips and tap your ass so hard.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love you girls leave him he is mine! i really wanna meat you!! xxxxxxxxx Bradley James I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!! n BE WITH YOU FOR EVER AND EVER


  7. Francesca

    The adventure of Merlin there are beautiful tele-film!
    Colin Morgan is fantastic and Bradley James is most beautiful!!!
    By your fans number 1…Francesca!!!


  8. Elaine

    omg i LOVE merlin! i loved robin hood to. but wow merin is just AMAZING. and i would LOVE to marry merlin to! 😀 super hot!! it’s great! just great! makes my sunday nights the best night ever!! 😀 i once i have watched it i can never wait till the next one!!! i love it WOOOOOO


  9. Aida

    hola me gusta mucho arturo haver si algun dia te pasas por españa a una firma de discos o algo jajajaa
    vueno que eres muy guapo y muy buen actor


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