Testing Testing, Is this thing on?!

So, I’m sat here listening to my Annie OST (“Tomorrow” – and those of you who know me, will know that I’m singing along wildly heh), and have decided to re-start up my old blog again. I’ve done Myspace and Blogger blogs before, but always lacked the drive to keep them updated (I’ve been meaning to write this entry for two weeks now hehe). Since the good old days, my priorities have shifted slightly and I’ve decided that I’d like to start keeping a form of journal once again as they always make me smile when I read them back months down the line. Hopefully people are keen to keep up to date with all of my latest news and opinions and whatnot 🙂

So much has happened since my old blog that I’ve made the decision not to talk too much about the past on here and keep it current, adding in any past references where necessary. That said, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk about the past, just that my poor lil fingers can only type so much at once 😛

On that note,  you find me sat here with a Gin and Tonic in hand, the theme from Cell Block H (“On The Outside”) is now playing on Media Centre, I’m lying on my bed and am currently trying to decide if it would be naughty of me to have pizza for tea tonight.

I’ve been off work today and have had a really really enjoyable day filled with lots of giggles and fun, mainly thanks to Tom and his DVD collection. I had been thinking of going out to Popstarz at SIN tonight for their re-opening, but I think it’s going to be a lil too busy, plus I’d rather spend the money I’d end up spending tonight on going out for dinner, or to the cinema, or for drinks elsewhere on some other night.

I had a mini-adventure on the DLR this morning; the Passenger Service Agent must have been brand new as he was still reading the instruction manual whilst he was operating the doors! He was taking so long that they ended up taking his train out of service and kicking us all off early – Mr Gari was not best impressed. There was also a funny sign at Bank station strictly warning passengers not to urinate in any of the station’s many corridors hehe!! I couldn’t sit on the front of the DLR though as there was a huge school group taking up the first train – meh!

I’m off work again from Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February on the last of my annual leave entitlement for 2007-8 and am looking forward to that, hopefully will have chance to catch up with folk and whatnot. Work asked me last night if I would consider going back home to Manchester for two days at the end of the month to sort some stuff out up at our regional office – so I need to try and slot those into my month too (I’m thinking of the last Mon and Tues of the month).

I’m also rather tempted to purchase a digital camera for the purpose of this blog, we’ll see. My problem is that my replacement phone is absolutely awful and isn’t compatible with Vista – thus I’ll have to wait until April to upgrade with Three Mobile *cries*  Has anyone any suggestions for a cheap but decent camera that I could get, or one that I could borrow for a few months???? hehe!

Today, at 1:40am, I technically became “nearly 23”. I was born at 1:39am on August 8th 1985, and so I’m now closer to being 23 than 22 *breaks down and cries* hehe.

R. so this has been quite a long opening post. No doubt I’ll post again in the next few hours as I am keen to get/keep momentum going with this project – I will also try and find copies of my old MySpace and Blogger blogs and see if I can upload them somewhere 🙂

Ta-Raa! xx

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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